The Bagua Map:

Where to Locate Your Glassy Globes:

To determine where to locate your Glassy Globe, line up the doorframe of your home where indicated on the Bagua Map. If you prefer to feel where in your home, office, garden (or any other location) your Glassy Globe should hang, that’s OK too.  

Each room within your home or office works the same way once you have lined up the entrance to the room with the map.

To hang the globe, tie the fishing line to the globe using a square knot (right over left and under, left over right and under).  Next, tie the free end of the fishing line in a square knot to the point of a thumbtack. Push the tack into the ceiling in a place that feels firm. Tap gently with a hammer if need be. Finish by tugging on the globe to make sure it feels secure.